sound emitting from the cage as that caged bird sings

Μουσικό διάλειμμα...

Rise Up!

the situation it's quite ominous
Im not implying its the dawn of the apocalypse
the highest office in the land devoid of competence
uninformed people discussing politics with confidence

commoners worshipping all the opulence
yet americas confidence is high
the hollowness combined with this orange kids lies
the same people that feared that Obama fist, why?

because his skin was darker than yours
because he didnt start enough wars?
the elephant in the room is that that elephant is black
dear whitehouse, can we bring inteligence back?

signed sincerely your sanity
we're led by lust and that vanity
we dont need to agree on anything but the facts
but when it comes to facts they have that convenient memory lapse

its the syndrome of the ostrich but their heads in their ass
we cant let this shit past
havent we learned the past
I guess not
we gotta stay stern and steadfast
the bed rock
of democracy
quite possible rocked

to its core
in the resistance i see the passion
and no this is not an over reaction
they plan to over reach into those ovaries action
and the press is so impressed by the distractions

we gotta
rise up
be heard
raise ya fist 

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