Unearthing Live

Alan Moore's Unearthing Live from DAMN SUNG on Vimeo.

Unearthing Live.

'Unearthing' was a piece Alan Moore created for Iain Sinclair's book, 'City of Disappearances' in 2006.
It is about his lifelong friend and writing mentor Steve Moore (no relation), who taught him everything about writing comics, who fostered his interests in forteana and the occult, and who was, in recent years, given the unenviable task of editing 'Jerusalem' Alan Moore's 700,000+ word behemoth second novel.

He was the only person who could and often did, tell Alan Moore that something needed to be re-written.   

Steve Moore sadly passed away in March of 2015, but thanks to Unearthing, did so already knowing just what he meant to his best and oldest friend.
Alan Moore's performance of 'Unearthing' in 2010 was part of the trans-media tribute that evolved from his original piece.
Mitch Jenkins, Damien Sung and musicians Crook and Flail helped him bring it to life, in glorious oddness, and richness and heartfelt affection.
Now, ten years since the piece was written, Damien Sung's VHS capture of that night has been combined with footage shot by himself and Mitch Jenkins.

The result is spectacular.            

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