Go fund him

Why has Louis never been paid for his record sales? BUT still owns all his publishing? Because he always used his (APRA paid) publishing to pay for each consequent new record and handed them over, complete, to record labels, so their ability to exploit him (by owning him via an advance) was impossible. Yes, he was ripped off on actual record sales. Record Labels are renowned for all sorts of shitty, immoral behavior to their artists. That is why Louis has always been poor. But he is FREE. Please continue to support him to be an authentic performing, recording artist. You know whatever you give, he will give back ten fold. I started this campaign for him at Website/Own Label/Free Access. And with it he has achieved some small freedoms, and rewarded everyone with his beautiful concert of The Art of Darkness. Please support him if you can afford a small donation. It could make a mountain of difference to us all. - Rachael Slattery

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