2L8 // October

It was only after that day we wondered
Have the leaves dried up yet?
We longed for that cracking sound
Crushing, breaking under our feet

Into pieces. Some people can only see destruction
Fuck what they say, there is no cure for blind eyes
The whiteness, this soft veil. Bright. Cold. Solid
Follow up. Grow strong. Get solid

Oh, you've seen the bend. It happens all the time
Why pretend? This is how accidents happen
One day you breathe the wrong breath
Suck it in. Do not breathe out they say. Fuck what they say

This is no poem on empathy. Fuck comfort
Neither weight thoughts, Nor measure words, but pouring them
It's the loneliest thing in the world waiting to be found
The ones who hide are the ones who want to be found the most

How many times have I written that, I wonder?
I am helpless
I am senseless
This love feels like an ecstasy, I don't need it

As I find myself walking away, leaving that old shell, a new state of awareness
Stone into sand. Sand blown by your wind. Awe
Nothingness. Smiling. Collapsing. No form. No state
Total involvement. An altered state of consciousness

Noone can be fully aware of another human being unless you love him
Keep what is worth keeping. Blow the rest away
Time is endless when you have nothing to give
The night is endless when you have nothing to live for

Haunted by memories of being young and starting to discover life
Back when we used to care about things
The shape of the moon. The mythology of the heart
The guiding myths can no longer be of any ethnic norms
Outdated, out of place, washed away
There are no horizons, no myth creating zones
The zone is the individual heart
You long for that red hued juices been drained out of you
They call it pain. We call it being alive

How many times have you felt like that?
You are helpless
You are senseless
This love feels like an ecstasy, I don't need it

Embrace this moment
Become the moment
Suck the void
Draw nothing
Tear the map
Make no plans
Do not take off not to get hurt
Be part of the war
This crisis will force us to move forward
To learn how to flow

Let's evolve

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