... We're the masters of time We got the key of space Keys of space, space Keys of love... time...

Την Κυριακή στον σταθμό αφιερώσαμε την εκπομπή στην άνοιξη και τους συμβολισμούς της κάνοντας βουτιά στον χωροχρόνο. Οι μουσικές επιλογές δικές μου και η επιμέλεια των κειμένων του Thief. Ευχαριστούμε όλους τους ακροατές. 


The plain of spells - Alasdair Roberts & Robin Robertson
Why feel alone? - Diane Cluck
I know - The Galleons
We need our knees - This Is The Kit
Lamento - Manos Hadjidakis
The killers and me - New Bums
Horizon - Real Estate
When a gift is a curse - Band of Holy Joy
Apocalypse dreams - Tame Impala
Horror show - Scars
13 Eurogoths floating in the Dead Sea - Half Man Half Biscuit
La grande illusion - Television Personalities
Cruel world - The Bevis Frond
The prisoner - The Saints
The legend of saint Columba's oxter packet - Alasdair Roberts and Ivor Kallin
Baby ride easy - Johnny Cash (w/ June Carter)
No satisfaction - The Black Angels
Soul love - The Music Machine
Someone i know - The Lollipop Shoppe
Masters of time - The Vietnam Veterans
Spreading alienation - The Earthbound
Stand up - Throwing Muses
The fire of love - The Gun Club
Life spill - The Visitors
Lucie's comeback - The Dizzy Satellites
Party's over - The Original Sins
Dr Stone - The Leaves
Let's see - Attila and The Huns
New day - Pretty Things

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