Holy Joy

Την Κυριακή η vick ήταν στον Indieground και έκανε την εκπομπή του Radio Transmission. Παρουσίασε και το Easy Listening, το καινούργιο άλμπουμ των BOHJ στο δεύτερο μέρος της εκπομπής. Όποιος ενδιαφέρεται μπορεί να την ακούσει αμέσως από κάτω.


Beside a Brook - Oregon
Find another animal - Masqualero
Problems with the sun - Nicolas Jaar
Torch - Julian Cope
Sleepwalker - Nerve City
Passover - Joy Division
The kiss of death - Month of Sundays
Song for Sara - John Fahey
Don't sell yourself short - The Sting-Rays
Cattle and Cane - The Go-Betweens
North by north - The Bats
We can't be contained - The Make-Up
Paisley dommage, Pt.3 - Purling Hiss
Nihilist - James Stephen Finn
Breath - The Galleons
Will these things see you right - Band of Holy Joy
I have travelled the buses late at night - Band of Holy Joy
Lover flow - Spherical Objects
When a gift is a curse - Band of Holy Joy
Voyage and disease, luck and mystery - Band of Holy Joy
Weird beautiful time - Band of Holy Joy
There was a fall/The fall - Band of Holy Joy
I dreamed that the city was on fire - Band of Holy Joy
Here it comes - Band of Holy Joy
Open the door to your heart - Band of Holy Joy

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