The Desert is a Circle

Johann  Johannsson  -  Payphone
Air  -  Dead Bodies
PVT  -  Casual success
Victory Collapse   -  The need of expression
Pygmy Lush  -  Asphalt
Roky Erickson  -  Burn the flames
Johnny Cash  -  Dark as the dungeon
Dinosaur Jr  -  No bones
Sunset Rubdown  -  Shut up I am dreaming of places where lovers have wings
Mudhoney  -  Sweet young thing ain't sweet no more
My Bloody Valentine  -  Good for you
Ride  -  Decay
Wooden Shjips  -  Black smoke rise
Fifty Foot Hose  -  If not this time
The United States Of America  -  The American metaphysical circus
Untold Fables  -  Other fish
The Woggles  -  Do me wrong
Half Man Half Biscuit  -  Took problem chimp to ideal home show
Blood Brothers  -  Love rhymes with hideous car wreck
The Membranes  -  Tatty seaside town
The Astronauts  -  Survivors
Six Organs Of Admittance  -  The dessert is a circle
The Bevis Frond  -  Dead weight
Warm Soda  -  Stargazer
The Rainyard  -  Wasted rain
The Jazz Butcher  -  Chickentown
The Jam  -  In the city
The Prisoners  -  Far away
Alasdair Roberts  -  Fusion of horizons

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