Boundary Rider

Γι άλλη μια φορά ο Thief δε θα ερχόταν στο σταθμό αλλά ήρθε. Έ, και κάναμε μαζί την εκπομπή που είχα ετοιμάσει.


Ghosts I - NIN
The ballad of Jay Givens - Mick Harvey
Just an ending - The Mallard
Candyman - Siouxsie and The Banshees
Martin - Normil Hawaiians
Hedonist hat - Pigbros with The Membranes
Less than human - The Chameleons
Peoria lunch box blues - Songs: Ohia
Handicap and equality - Peter Hammill
Zing splash - P
King rat - Modest Mouse
Packshot - La Femme
Patty Lee - Les Savy Fav
The golden eye - Spike
Be you mighty sparrow? - British Sea Power
Higgs Boson blues - Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
I 'm hurt bad - Angelo Badalamenti
Into black - K-Holes
506 - The Leather Nun
Song of the pirate - Pride
Point of no return - The Chud
King Kong - The Dizzy Satellites
Red Ribbon - Throwing Up
Sad TV - New Race
Boundary rider - The Go-Betweens
Monkey gone to heaven - Pixies
Sonnet - The Verve

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