A Dream In Slow Motion

Καινούργιο video και τραγούδι από τους BOHJ και ξαφνικά διακρίνω μέσα στο νερό που ονειρεύεται η Joanna Pickering τo όπλο του Johny Brown! Ναι ως δια μαγείας ανακαλύπτω ένα νανούρισμα σαν και αυτό που λένε στα μικρά παιδιά οι γιαγιάδες τα βράδια για να κοιμηθούν ήσυχα και να κρατήσουν μακριά από τα κρεβάτια τους τον μπαμπούλα!

 Η κάμερα και  παραγωγή είναι της  Inga Tillere


Με την εν λόγω Κυρία είχα και την μικρή κουβέντα που ακολουθεί:

Ioannis: Hi, I would like to know what is behind this new video, what is the meaning of your new work and what were your feelings when you were doing this?

Inga : City of tales takes newspapers headlines as inspiration. It's just beats up... reflects on the detached and voyeuristic news reports, today's news have to be more shocking than yesterday's but will be completely forgotten by even more horrendous news item tomorrow. Also I thought of Millai's Ophelia - I guess a very obvious choice :) Digital post pre-Raphaelites.  

Ioannis: Do you think that the world that we are living in is true or it is fake?

Inga: Neither it has many layers.

Ioannis: So how can you decide in which of  them do you want to live in?

Inga: Just came across this Bukowski quote: "The less I needed the better I felt". That's the world I'd like to belong to.

Ioannis : Why do you want to reproduce (with your own way ) the newspapers headlines. Is there a worth in it?

Inga : Sometimes it is good to stop and reflect. And remember. And take control.

Ioannis : I agree with you, control is everything but it is hard to get it. You can stop the World with just one thought.

Thank you for your time and for this little but great talk that we had.
Talk to you soon.    

 So goodnight goodbye and godbless 


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