Voodoo Curse

Deadbolt  as Voodoobilly

Three days later I feel like  I 'm lost in time and space. I 've made this mistake again, the same song two times in row. I don't know what really happened it was like someone pushed my hand to the wrong direction or that I was under a voodoo curse .
I would like to broadcast radio transmission from the rings of Saturn. So I travel with my fantasy to outer space and i send you a secret key and a medicine for all the curses that may come in your lives.

  1. Johann Sebastian Bach  -  Prelude
  2. Kraftwerk  -  Computer world
  3. Nine Inch Nails  -  Piggy
  4. Test Dept  -  Natura Victus
  5. Dead Can Dance  -  Saltarello
  6. Snowman  -  Snakes and ladders
  7. Y  -  Tu y yo
  8. Bibio  -  Excuses
  9. Tom Verlaine  -  Lovebird asylum seekers
  10. Sparklehorse  -  Ghost of his smile
  11. Fear Of Men  -  Spirit house
  12. 28th Day  -  Dead sinner
  13. Veronica falls  -  Teenager
  14. Frightened Rabbit  -  Late march death march
  15. The Scientists  -  Swampland
  16. Deadbolt  -   Voodoo Curse
  17. Broken Prayer  -  Had to laugh
  18. Crystal Swells  -  Trees
  19. Cult Of Youth  -  It took a lifetime
  20. Deception Bay  -  Days of issue
  21. Deerhunter  -  Don't cry
  22. Crippled  Black Phoenix  -  Laying traps
  23. Effi Briest  -  Long shadow
  24. Fear Condition  -  Black and white
  25. 2L8  -  Lost pictures
  26. Youth lagoon  -  Raspberry Cane
  27. Atoms For Peace  -  Usless
  28. Bibio  -  A tout a leur
  29. Band Of Holy Joy  -  Leaves that fall in spring

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2 σχόλια:

lefti είπε...

Excellent choice of songs...especially No 16.
My son and i enjoyed the trip.
Keep well :)

Thief είπε...

I enjoyed too .
Number 16 has a voodoo curse so you can't say anything about it. I can only think that this is a hell of a song
Thanks a lot !!!!